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Who Rides Our Saddles

Hallie Hanssen

 "My entire program is built on consistency.  Tami Semas Barrel Saddles position me correctly to give my colts the consistent cues they need.  When competing they enable me to ride with confidence which helps my colts perform at the top."

Kelsie Miller

Skye Miller


Lainee Sampson

love my Tami Semas saddle!! Denny is a big stout horse, that I could never find a saddle to fit until I tried the Tami Semas wide fit! I love the deep seat and the feel the saddle gives me 🌹Plus I love Tami Semas 😘 

Shelley Holman

I love❤ my Tami Semas  saddles. They fit all my horses and sit me right where i need to be. They sit great on 5 Star pads. 

Dustin Angelle

Phillip Kenyon

This is American Semi-Finalist and derby champion Tillies Hayday running in her Tami Semas Saddle. Tami’s saddles provide a superior fit and keep me more balanced so I can be a better jockey. In my opinion they are the best saddles out there.

Kim Kammenzind

I have been a believer from the beginning. I have had four of these saddles, and they just keep getting better! My Tami Semas saddle keeps me centered and balanced and allows my horses shoulders to be free and move efficiently through his turns. They are the best fitting and best riding saddles I have over owned. My passion for their quality and belief in this product have convinced many of my friends and family that they too need to have one in their tack room. i am so excited to see the new designs and without a doubt will add another to my collection. ❤️❤️❤️

I tried 5 different saddles for my mare and they all made her sore and didn’t fit. I really didn’t want to buy shims and other corrective tack to make the saddle fit so I emailed with Tamis Semas for a while and decided that this saddle sounded perfect for both of us! I found one online near where I live in Canada and bought it site unseen, with a hunch it would fit. And it did 😃😃 it was amazing! My mare felt more free when she ran, she was stopped prancing when I saddled her, I sat better and our runs were smoother! We even took time off our runs and went from the 2D to the 3D! 

After a year of using a Tami Semas saddle I love it even more. Every time I ride in a different saddle and get back in my Semas I feel at home! My mare and I couldn’t be happier! ~Kari Siegfried


Love my Tami Semas saddles! They have given me more confidence and balance in my runs! ~Denise Bauman


My daughter Saige also rides in a Tami Semas saddle. It's so important to keep these kids balanced in their saddles so they aren't hindering the horse, or learning bad riding habits.  She won Reserve Champion at the Jr NFR last year in this regular fit saddle.  Again, look at the torque this horse puts on her and yet that saddle stays right where it should and we don't have to over tighten our cinches anymore either! ~Kim and Saige Smith


There are not enough words to describe how amazing these saddles are!!! I bought my saddle a couple months after they first came out. My saddle fits my boy perfect, he has NEVER felt the pains of a sore back thanks to the Tami Semas Barrel Saddle. Besides fitting Slick, it fits me perfectly as well! You want a saddle to sit you correctly??? Here you go!!! I have always loved a deep seat that fits close to the horse’s back. Some saddles out there you feel like you’re riding in a high chair, this saddle you are close contact! My legs hang perfect, if I need to move them either direction the saddle allows that movement but yet I NEVER feel loose in this saddle. Slick likes to play games and spook and try to cut out from under me (and I think he’s laughing when he does it 😆) or when he’s had time off and real fresh, this is the ONLY saddle I want to be in. I have confidence I can stick with him and I’ve not had that with other saddles. Besides comfort to the horse and rider, they are extremely gorgeous also! Really what more can you ask for? Well maybe another saddle and Perkins to deliver it 😉❤️❤️❤️. Thank You Tami for your knowledge and experience when you designed these saddles. Top notch in every way and will step up your riding also! Confidence is key and here you have it...

Oh my gosh do I ever love my Tami Semas Saddle!!  My gelding is able to run free in this saddle and it also allows me to stay in my seat and ride like no other saddle has allowed me!  The comfort and the quality are by far the best out of any saddle I’ve ever bought. And of course it makes my horse look great when he’s running his heart out for me!! I have an up and coming colt and can’t wait to buy another Semas saddle to ride her in. Thank you Tami for sharing your design and the amazing quality with all of us!! ~ Deb Kopak


My saddle Testimony!
I purchased my first Tami Semas saddle about 2 years ago for a hard to fit mare. Not only did it fit that mare perfectly, it fits almost everything else! I love the way it rides and keeps me centered in the saddle around the turns. I am looking forward to adding more Tami Semas Barrel Saddles to my collection in the future! ~ Aimee Williams

Bought a wide fit last year for my 4 year old and it fits great! I love the cut out on skirt under legs which allows closer leg contact. I also love the flat seat. ~ Pam Walker

Love this saddles fits every horse I put it on ~ Kim Dahl

My Tami Semas saddle is hands down my favorite saddle I have ever ridden. I have to be able to ride a variety of horses with very different confirmations and styles. This saddle allows me to ride every horse to the best of its ability. ~ Lisa Johnson

Love this saddle has fit every horse even my hard to fit girl I have tried so many saddles on her trying to find the perfect one and i have now found it! I have sold all my other saddle as this is the only thing i want to own now I just love how it fits me and my horses. Best saddle out there hands down after I have rode in so many others. Well worth the money! ~ Lacey Finney

Love my tami semas. Love the look, love the style, love the fit, most of all love the ride!!! It fits all my horses! I just had a baby 6 1/2 months ago and I needed something that would Hold me in but still let me get out of it! Only saddle I have ever used that I didn't have to rubber band my feet in. I have a leg problem so hard to stay center and keep my balance equal and this saddle makes everything perfect for me! I will never own anything else in my trailer! Every time anyone asks about brand saddles or what I am riding in I tell them they need to ride in a tami semas cause it will change there mind about a saddle! ~Alexsandria Milam

When I got my tami semas saddle I felt like I just wanted to live in it all dang day long!!! Love the feel and how much better I rode in it ❤️❤️ ~ Shelly Manning

I bought a Tami Semas regular fit! Loved it! Fit everything I put it on! And a beautiful saddle as well! ~ Michelle Darling


I have been wanting a Tami Semas for a very long time. Last week I finally got one! I am more than happy with it. I love where it puts me and I feel very secure around my turns. The quality is awesome. This is was my first run in it.~Shylah Love

I started out with a wide Tami Semas saddle, but didn’t take long till I knew I had to get me another. So, I added a regular fit to my collection too! The fit it great, but the feel for myself has beat all the other nice brands I have ridden. The feel is close and I have felt secure. Deep seat and a close feel on the big horses I run has been a great feeling. I have had many people from my area ask about these saddles and I never have anything bad to say! They’re my choice all the way now! ❣️🌹 ~ Micah Samples

I bought a Tami Semas regular fit last winter and I cannot get enough of it! It fits so many of my horses and does not roll at all. This saddle combined with my 5-star pad is amazing. I love the way that my saddle holds me and allows me to ride to the best of my abilities. I am looking at getting another in the near future and I can’t wait! ☺️~Janae Wilson

Before I bought my Tami’s, I had a horrible problem with getting on the front end of my horse. Now I’m able to ride the hind end better, allowing my horses to perform at their best! Thank you Tami for making such a high quality saddle. All I ride in are Tami’s now. ~ Katie Jo Boyd

 After having my daughter 6 years ago I never seemed to be able to find my true balance again. Every saddle I rode (and I tried a lot of them) either did not fit my horses or was a hindrance on my riding UNTIL I took a leap of faith and got a Tami Semas and now I'm hooked ❤️ I feel like I can ride again and they fit so many different horses. It blew my mind how much it improved my riding and how great my horses are moving in it too.  Thank you Tami! ~ Stephanie Fox

I love my Tami Semas saddle but I really miss this mare I bought it for😥 it's a good thing it fits her sisters good too! ~Shawna Letcher

I’m so happy with this wide fit saddle. Not only does if fit my horses and myself but they are gorgeous! I am constantly getting complemented and I can’t tell you how many people I’ve let try it and then they’ve became a buyer. It’s my go to saddle because it makes me more balanced and I feel like I can expose myself better without thinking I need to hang on. I will be purchasing a regular fit to my collection ASAP! Nice work Tami ❤️ ~ Kayde Jo Atkins

Love my Tamie Semas!!! Bought mine after having a difficult time finding something to fit my horse and myself. ~ Jackie Rhoden

Love love love the way my tami Semas fits for me and my horse! Helps me ride so much better ~Morgan Franzen


I love my Tami Semas saddles! First ride was like I had been riding in it for years! ~ Donna Lowe

 It was no coincidence that I started winning at the Pro rodeos after I started using a Tami Semas saddle on my mare Cupcake. She just clocks better.
Look at the freedom this saddle provides her shoulders to be able to reach her full extension!!  I quickly bought two more and sold all my other saddles!
And I've not had a need for a breastcollar anymore either because of the great fit. ~ Kim Smith

Loved my first Tami Semas so much, I sold my Coats to get a second Semas.  I had problems getting set up over my gelding in other saddles.  The Tami Semas saddles allow me to “ride the rear” and stay in position. ❤️ ~ Heather Bosse

I love my Tami Semas Saddle so much I’m currently looking for another... after several pads, saddles and actually switching directions on the pattern ... I felt completely at a loss... a friend of mine let me borrow hers and the rest was history! I couldn’t get my hands on one fast enough... Thank you for making such a high quality Saddle I look forward to working with you in the future!~Marca Taverniti

Love my Tami Semas !! Fits every horse I have put it on!!! ~  Dixie Shettel

I love my Tami Semas saddles!!  ❤❤❤ ~ Jaime Steinkey

 I love my tami sooo much, it puts me exactly where I need to be and fits my hard to fit horses! It’s really the perfect saddle in my eyes 😉🤷🏻‍♀️ ~ Mardi Yarshenko


Love my Tami Semas saddle!  I've searched for years to find a saddle to fit my "hard to fit horse".   The Semas reg tree not only fits him but all my horses ❤️ ~ Bertina Olafson


I love my Semas! This was the first time we put it on my mare, but since I've been riding it on her I've notice how much her topline has filled out. She really wants to use her hind end and doesn't come up sore in her back since I've bought this saddle! It definitely got her back to running like her old self again ☺️ Thank you for fitting her in Pasadena! I'm excited to order a new one.

I will also say I never realized how I fought for my balance in my other saddles until I rode in this one. ~Molly Pritchard

I have had the pleasure of working with Tami semas on several saddles. The first one was when I was going through cancer treatments and surgery. Tami was very accommodating and kind,making sure I got what I wanted. I really love my semas saddles.

I have 2 and my 12 year old daughter has one. I don't get thrown forward in the turns,I can stay centered and right where I need to be. These saddles fit our horses so well. I have really great things to say when anyone asks about my choice of saddle. Pretty sure I've helped a lot of people "make the switch" :)

I'm certain I won't be changing back to anything other than these saddles! ~Michele Mortenson