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The right tool, for the right results. It’s a simple statement, but ask any horseman and you’ll learn that finding the right tools to enhance your horsemanship often requires a process of trial and error. Tami Semas, Equi-Stat’s highest-earning futurity rider of 2015, has made it her mission to help barrel racers shortcut that process by providing them with right tools for the barrel racing trade.

Your saddle is one of your most important tools for success in the barrel pen. Drawing on 25 years of experience running all types of horses at every level in barrel racing, Tami has designed a saddle that will help you shave time off the clock by keeping you secure in the saddle. The Tami S Barrel Saddle enables the rider to stabilize their weight in their feet which lets the rider stay balanced and out of the horse’s way throughout the entire run. Find out more about Tami S Barrel Saddles here.

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