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About Our Saddles

Why a Tami Semas Barrel Saddle?

The right tool, for the right results. It’s a simple statement, but ask any horseman and you’ll learn that finding the right tools to enhance your horsemanship often requires a process of trial and error. Tami Semas, Equi-Stat’s highest-earning futurity rider of 2015, has made it her mission to help barrel racers shortcut that process by providing them with right tools for the barrel racing trade.

Your saddle is one of your most important tools for success in the barrel pen. Drawing on 25 years of experience running all types of horses at every level in barrel racing, Tami has designed a saddle that will help you shave time off the clock by keeping you secure in the saddle. The Tami S Barrel Saddle enables the rider to stabilize their weight in their feet which lets the rider stay balanced and out of the horse’s way throughout the entire run. Find out more about Tami S Barrel Saddles here.

How does a Tami Semas Barrel Saddle Ride

The Tami Semas Barrel Saddle enables the rider to stabilize their weight in their feet which lets the rider stay balanced and out of the horse’s way throughout the entire run. It’s very easy for the rider to slide up to the swells and sit deep. The cantle is slopped so it will never hit the rider but allows the rider to use it to stay centered.

I never want to fight my saddle to be in the correct position on my horse! – Tami Semas

What does the feel mean to you and your horse? Balance, Comfort & Security!

How will a Tami Semas Barrel Saddle fit my horse?

Our Saddle is built on low bar angles to sit down on the horses back and make contact from the front of the bar to the back. Our bar has some flare and a little rock. Its design will help open up the horse's shoulder and allow the muscle to roll up underneath the bar. In addition, this bar pattern allows the horses back and loin to move freely. It’s designed to make contact without causing pressure points. We have two fits regular and wide. The regular tree fits most horses, our wide tree fits horses that are broader throughout their shoulders and backs. What does this fit mean to you and your horse? Comfort and Balance.

Is my horse a regular or wide fit?

My regular tree fits a lot of horses really well. It fits horses that have a whither with some separation from the shoulder muscle and scapula. The bar angle is low, so it still fits horses that are wide over their back and loin.

My wide tree fits horses that are wide through their whither and shoulder. The wide fit horse doesn’t have much separation through their wither and shoulder.

Saddle fit video coming soon!

How do I determine my seat size?

Tami Semas Barrel Saddles are made for the low ground seat, which gives more room as a result. Your seat size is completely up to you but we hope this gives you a guide for selecting the perfect size.

Standard Features Include:

Tree: Wood with hand-laid fiberglass, lifetime warranty.

Gullet Width: Regular 6.5", Wide 6.75"

Gullet Height: 8.5"


Herman Oak Leather

Genuine Wool Skin Lined Skirts

Leather Latigos

Back Cinch

Aluminum Engraved Stirrups

Rockin Out Conchos and Hardware

How do I break in my Tami Semas Barrel Saddle?

Ride it and use it. The materials we use on our saddles are high quality. You may need to cinch up a few times during the first few rides.

Here are a few things to try:
• Work the fenders back and forth with your hands if they feel stiff
• We use olive oil to oil and soften the leather
• Rough out leather can be oiled with olive oil too

How do I purchase a Tami Semas Barrel Saddle?

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Why Use 5 Star Equine Products with the Tami Semas Barrel Saddle?

These pads keep your horse comfortable and your saddle in place allowing the best performance from your horse! The 100% pure virgin wool felt wicks away moisture, cleans up easily and stabilizes your saddle with limited cinching. Wear leathers provide protection and durability. Hand-made in the USA!

Tami’s favorite width is the 7/8 inch